Denmark's future recreational network


Denmarks future recreational network

The future network will activate many more attractive cycle friendly roads and enables you to experience the beauty of Denmark. Signage along the routes help you to find your way with ease, so it is convenient to get around. You can compose your own route, guided by numbered nodes.

The routes are signposted with numbered bicycle nodes

Our map shows cycle-friendly stretches, services and local destinations

Download your map

With the map, you can plan your bike trip on the bike node network. Do you wish to participate to win practical prizes? Please leave your email and you will receive up to two emails.

The network is located at the Præstø Fjord

Win a prize after your trip

We like to hear your feedback on the network and signage. If you provide us with feedback, you can win some special t-shirts and smart backpacks.

Routes are planned in collaboration with the municipality and local tourism board
You can cycle around Bårse and the hinterland

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Are you interested?

If you are a local, tourist or commercial party in the area, we like to hear your experience. The network is set up with subsidy from the Danish Outdoor Council, and in collaboration with the Municipalities of Næstved and Vordingborg Kommune, as well as Destination SydkystDanmark.

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Send a message to Project Manager Marco, and we will get back in touch asap.

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