Denmark's future recreational network


Denmark's future recreational network

Pilot areas

Vejle, Skibet and Jerlev
Southern Bornholm
Sønder Omme
Præstø, Tappernøje and Bårse

About Cykelnet

Danish Cycling Tourism leads a project paving the way for a new recreational network for hikers and cyclists in Denmark. The network will be rolled out nation-wide in a couple of years. We started in four pilot areas, where we are testing signage for cyclists. With your help, we can achieve the highest possible quality.

A joint project

  • Danish Cycling Tourism, Danish Coastal and Nature Tourism and Danish Ramblers’ Association
  • Municipalities of Billund, Bornholm, Næstved, Vejle and Vordingborg
  • Destination Bornholm, SydkystDanmark and Trekantområdet 
  • The Danish Outdoor Council have subsidised the project with DKK 5m. 

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